Pierre-Lin Renié, Crépuscule 2, samedi 27 septembre à 18h30, autour des arènes de Nîmes.
Crépuscule 1 a eu lieu du 6 au 8 avril 2013 à Saint-Émilion et entre Saint-Émilion et Nîmes. 
Galerie Fiat Panda est un projet d’Alexandre Giroux

Éric Watier
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print me! print me! : des dessins faits sur tablette, à imprimer soi-même. 

"Our hotel is here."
Postcard from Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson to Eva Hesse, postmarked July 10, 1967. 
Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio. Eva Hesse Archive, Gift of Helen Hesse Charash.

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Sigmar Polke – Polke als Astronaut, Dispersion paint on patterned fabric, 90 x 75 cm

Jack Goldstein, Two Wrestling Cats, 1976.

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William H. Gass painted by Philip Guston, before giving a reading of “Why Windows Are Important To Me,” from The Tunnel, 1969.
Washington University in Saint Louis

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Carl Andre, Found Steel Sculptures, 1960-1961

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Charles and Ray Eames, Installation, American Pavilion, Moscow, 1959.

Promotional image for Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up (1966), US release, 1967. 

Arthur Evans – David Hemmings in Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up”, 1966

Paul Nash – Steps in a Field Near Swanage, 1935
20 x 36 cm – Paris, MNAM

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Mark Lewis – Rush Hour, Morning and Evening, Cheapside, 2005
super 35mm transferred to High Definition, 4 minutes 34 seconds (film still)

Full movie here

Umbo (Otto Umbehr) – Mysterium der Strasse, 1928
29 x 23 cm – New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Aby Warburg – Mnemosyne, pl. 79, 1926.